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Confidentiality and privacy are fundamental to running a business or household. Our information, now more than ever, needs to be protected. Shred Vault has mastered the process of efficient and secure shredding via a network of NAID certified providers utilizing our Shred Vault® System.

Why Shred Vault?

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Professional paper shredding for the home and office

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Bonded and secured by a $1 million protection plan

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100% of the paper is shredded and recycled

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Track your shredding throughout the entire destruction process


Shred Vault® is a full-service shredding experience that allows you to receive a Shred Vault® bag through the mail to your home or office.

  • Convenient with multiple drop off shredding locations for your sensitive documents
  • Trackable by you with notifications at the time of deposit and destruction
  • Secure way to shred your documents with the Shred Vault® guaranteed shredding process

You can track the status of your Shred Vault® Bag(s) with their user friendly app (compatible with Android and Apple devices). You can easily track each step of the destruction process, locate a Shred Vault® and purchase your next bag all in one convenient app.


You can download the app here for Apple users, and here for Android users.

No, staples, paperclips and other light paper fasteners do not need to be removed.

The Shred Vault Bag® will hold up to 10 pounds.

You can track your Shred Vault® Bag on the mobile app and you will know the moment it becomes recycled into paper products. Shred Vault® provides each customer with a certificate of destruction.

Yes, you can. The user friendly app allows you to track all of your Shred Vault Bags under the “My Bags” tab.

No, Shred Vault® Bags are securely stored within the Shred Vault® and then picked up for destruction by a nationally certified and fully bonded shredding company. The vault is monitored off-site at all times ensuring your bag is secured and tracked through the entire shredding process.

Shred Vault® tracks the quantity of Shred Vault® Bags in each of our Shred Vault® units. Once they know it’s time to pick up the bags, they send their NAID certified truck drivers to the vault to properly destroy and dispose of each bag. Click here to learn more about on-site paper shredding.

The Shred Vault Bag is destroyed utilizing a commercial grade paper shredder meeting the specifications of NAID.

After your Shred Vault® Bag is picked up for destruction, it is destroyed via a NAID AAA certified shredding process.

Shred Vault only uses highly reputable companies that are nationally certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. For certification criteria visit www.NAIDonline.org

All Shred Vaults are remotely monitored and emptied when they reach near full capacity. At a minimum they are emptied every 10 business days.

Certificate of Destruction will be available within 30 days after the Shred Vault® Bag has been destroyed.

Not at the time of destruction, but a Certificate of Destruction will be available within 30 days after the Shred Vault® Bag has been destroyed.

Yes, a Certificate of Destruction will be available within 30 days after the Shred Vault® Bag has been destroyed.

The Shred Vault Bag® does not get opened prior to destruction.

No, they do not. Only Shred Vault® servicing techs have access to the Shred Vault® where the Shred Vault® Bags are stored.

Once a Shred Vault® Bag is deposited in to a Shred Vault® it cannot be retrieved under any circumstances.

You can order more bags here or at select retail locations.

No, only one Shred Vault® Bag can be scanned and deposited in a Shred Vault® at a time. Loose paper cannot be placed in the Shred Vault®.

No, loose paper cannot under, any circumstances, be deposited in to a Shred Vault®.

Check the list here:

  • Ensure you are scanning the barcode on the front of the bag and not the QR code on the back of the bag.
  • Check that nothing is covering your barcode.
  • Check to make sure the barcode is not damaged.
  • Try scanning your barcode several times.
  • If the problem continues contact customer service using the phone number on the front of the Shred Vault®.

You can use and deposit the Shred Vault® Bag, but all records and notifications concerning that Shred Vault® Bag will go to the email and cell phone on file.

You cannot witness a Shred Vault® Bag’s destruction, but if you have material that must be witnessed contact customer service at 1-866-976-7818. All materials are destroyed and recycled.

You can gift Shred Vault® Bags to someone else, but the records of use will remain with the purchaser’s account.

  • Receipts
  • Credit card statements
  • School work
  • Bank statements
  • Bills
  • Pay stubs
  • Tax documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Work related documents

Shred Vault Offer

Each location that has a Shred Vault® kiosk offers exclusive coupons for Shred Vault® customers who deposit at their location.