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3 Security Risks of Not Shredding Your Documents

3 Security Risks of Not Shredding Your Documents

These days, shredding your documents is essential. Document destruction is your best means of protecting yourself, your business and your family from costly fines, security threats or unnecessary stress.

As shredding professionals, we know the risks of neglecting to shred your documents and in this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the security risks associated with not shredding your documents.

Potential for expensive fines

A significant concern of avoiding shredding your documents is the risk of large fines. These days, shredding confidential and sensitive information is not only highly recommended–it’s the law. When consumer privacy is involved, companies and institutions are bound to protect their information or pose the risk of enormous fines. Federal and state laws dictate that you must shred any confidential information. Government agencies, healthcare, information technology and law services are among many that are required to abide by these laws, or face fines. Avoid the fines and shred instead!

Loss of customers

Business owners know that reputation is the bread and butter of your business. Your reputation may take years to build, but moments to destroy. Customers want to ensure that they can trust you with their information, especially if the service you’re providing is sensitive in nature, like law or healthcare matters.

Data breaches of any sort can significantly harm your customer relationships. Research shows that 69% of people believe the importance of privacy and security practices encourages trust in the companies. Additionally, 70% of people would stop doing business with a company that experienced a data breach, according to a survey of more than 10,000 global consumers. The risks of not shredding your documents are more than financial–you could potentially lose customers as well.

You put yourself and your customers at risk

Neglecting to shred your documents puts yourself, your employees and your customers at risk. Not shredding your documents means that you may be keeping your documents on-site or throwing them away. If you are keeping your documents on-site, ensure you store them in a lockable security filing cabinet and not out in the open. Leaving your documents out could result in someone getting their hands on them who shouldn’t and it clutters your space, resulting in a loss in productivity.

Throwing away your documents puts you and your customers at risk of identity theft or a data breach from dumpster divers looking to steal information. Throwing away or leaving your documents out for anyone to see puts yourself, your business and those around you at risk.

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