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The ATM for Shredding™. It’s a refrigerator sized kiosk that allows you to make a secure deposit of your Shred Vault Bags using our patent pending technology for a full chain of custody and security. The kiosk is serviced routinely by a certified shredding company that comports with the highest standards for information security and destruction.

No, shredding is prepaid with the purchase of the Shred Vault Bag.
A Shred Vault® Bag is a specially designed bag made exclusively for the Shred Vault® System. It is designed to hold up to 10 pounds of paper and can be deposited into any Shred Vault kiosk. It has a handle at the top for easy carrying. Once it is sealed it is never reopened and will be shredded along with its contents. Each Shred Vault Bag is barcoded so it can be easily tracked throughout the shredding process.
A Shred Vault® Bag holds approximately 10 pounds of paper. 1,000 sheets of copy paper is a close equivalent to 10 pounds of paper.

Shred Vault® Bags can be purchased:
– Shred Vault shopping cart
– Shred Vault app: Apple, Android
– Participating retail locations

No, you do not. You can go straight to your local Shred Vault kiosk and deposit your Shred Vault Bag by following the onscreen instructions. Just make sure you have your mobile phone with you to receive a PIN number during the deposit process.
By downloading the mobile app and setting up an account you can retain records and status of your deposits, find Shred Vault kiosk locations and order Shred Vault Bags in one convenient spot.
After placing your papers to be shredded into the Shred Vault Bag and sealing the Shred Vault Bag, you will take it to a Shred Vault kiosk that is conveniently located at a participating retailer. Using the scanner on the Shred Vault kiosk, you will scan your Shred Vault Bag barcode, follow the onscreen instructions and place it into the Shred Vault kiosk’s secure deposit chamber. After deposit, your Shred Vault Bag will be securely stored and scheduled for picked up and destruction by a nationally certified shredding company.
You can place approximately 10 pounds of paper in a Shred Vault® Bag. Staples, paperclips, and other light paper fasteners do not need to be removed.
As long as you have downloaded the mobile app and setup an account prior to deposit, you can check the status of your Shred Vault® Bag(s) with our user-friendly app (compatible with Android and Apple devices).

You can download the app here for Apple users, and here for Android users.

No, you cannot. For more information on how to dispose of those items please call our customer service number (866) 976-7818.
No, staples, paperclips and other light paper fasteners do not need to be removed.
If you have a Shred Vault® account and registered the Shred Vault Bag to that account, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction within 30 days after the Shred Vault® Bag is deposited.
Yes, you can. The user-friendly app allows you to track all your registered Shred Vault® Bags under the “My Bags” tab. There you can see your deposit receipts and Certificates of Destruction for your registered Shred Vault Bags.
No, the Shred Vault® Bag is shredded along with the paper.
If you have registered for a Shred Vault account and the Shred Vault Bag is registered to that account, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued to your account within 30 days of deposit of the Shred Vault Bag.
Yes, a Certificate of Destruction will be available within 30 days after the Shred Vault® Bag has been deposited as long as you have a Shred Vault account and the Shred Vault Bag was registered to that account.
Once you deposit your Shred Vault® Bag into a Shred Vault® kiosk, it cannot be retrieved.
You can order more bags online on the Shred Vault website, through the Shred Vault mobile app or purchase at participating retail locations.
No, only one Shred Vault® Bag can be scanned and deposited in a Shred Vault® at a time. Loose paper cannot be placed in the Shred Vault®.
No, all paper deposited must be contained inside of a sealed Shred Vault Bag.
  • Ensure you are scanning the barcode on the front of the bag and not the QR code on the front or back of the bag.
  • Check that nothing is covering your barcode.
  • Check to make sure the barcode is not damaged.
  • If the problem continues contact Customer Service at 866-976-7818. This number is also located on the front of the Shred Vault® Kiosk.
  • Receipts
  • Credit card statements
  • School work
  • Bank statements
  • Bills
  • Pay stubs
  • Tax documents
  • Insurance policies
Secure. Sustainable. Shredding.
Scheduled shredding, one-time purges for hundreds of pounds of paper or convenient Shred Vault® drop-off service at one of our kiosks are all great solutions for secure document destruction.


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Hard Drive and Electronic Destruction is also available.