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Documents being put into a shred vault bag


Fill each bag with up to 10 lbs of paper.

Shred Vault bag being sealed


Seal the security flap firmly. Once sealed, it is never reopened.

Shred Vault bag being dropped off


Deposit at any Shred Vault kiosk.

Nationally Certified

Remains sealed through the entire process.

Confidentiality and privacy are fundamental to running a business or household. More than ever our information needs to be protected. The Shred Vault Kiosk System is a secure, sustainable document shredding option making document destruction easier and more convenient.

Video: How to Use the Shred Vault Kiosk System

The Shred Vault Kiosk System is a convenient and secure way to ensure your personal and confidential documents are shredded properly. Watch our video to see just how simple and convenient our patent-pending kiosk system is to use for both the home and office.
Consumer taking their Shred Vault bag to a kiosk

Consumers Choose the Shred Vault for Residential Shredding

Any document with your name on it could be a gold mine for identity thieves. Do you have old tax records, receipts, prescriptions that need to be destroyed? The Shred Vault Kiosk System makes it easy to protect and shred your sensitive documents. Just purchase your pre-paid shredding Shred Vault Bag and begin protecting yourself from identity theft today. With each Shred Vault Bag able to hold up to 10lbs of paper, just fill your bag(s) and then simply deposit at any of our convenient Shred Vault kiosks locations. No need to remove staples, paperclips, or other light paper fasteners; just FILL, SEAL, and DEPOSIT…it is that easy.

Businesses Choose the Shred Vault kiosk for the Office and for Employees Working from Home…

Whether an employer has staff working in the office or remotely, employers still have an obligation to protect confidential information. Purchase Shred Vault Bags for your employees and track each employee’s deposit for your records. The Shred Vault Kiosk System ensures compliance by using our certified document destruction process.

The Shred Vault Kiosk Advantage


  • No messy and expensive in-home or office shredding equipment
  • Specially designed Shred Vault Bags provide easy and secure collection and deposit
  • Simply FILL, SEAL & DEPOSIT Shred Vault Bags at one of many convenient drop-off locations


  • Shred Vault Bags are never reopened once sealed
  • Bags are properly secured in the Shred Vault Kiosks upon deposit
  • Only handled by certified personnel and document destruction companies once deposited
  • Trackable through the Shred Vault App with notification of both deposit and destruction
  • Certificate of Destruction provided after documents are shredded


  • Eco-Friendly — 100% of the paper deposited is securely shredded and recycled, including the Shred Vault Bag itself, protecting you and the environment

Download the Shred Vault App

For added convenience the Shred Vault Kiosk System comes with an optional app for your phone that will provide multiple additional benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions

An ATM for shredding. It’s a refrigerator sized kiosk that allows you to make a secure deposit of your Shred Vault Bags using our patent pending technology for a full chain of custody and security. The kiosk is serviced routinely by a certified shredding company that comports with the highest standards for information security and destruction.
A Shred Vault® Bag is a specially designed bag made exclusively for the Shred Vault® System. It is designed to hold up to 10 pounds of paper and can be deposited into any Shred Vault kiosk. It has a handle at the top for easy carrying. Once it is sealed it is never reopened and will be shredded along with its contents. Each Shred Vault Bag is barcoded so it can be easily tracked throughout the shredding process.

Shred Vault® Bags can be purchased:
– Shred Vault website
– Shred Vault app: Apple, Android
– Participating retail locations

No, shredding is prepaid with the purchase of the Shred Vault Bag.
Yes, a Certificate of Destruction will be available within 30 days after the Shred Vault® Bag has been deposited as long as you have a Shred Vault account and the Shred Vault Bag was registered to that account.
Secure. Sustainable. Shredding.
Scheduled shredding, one-time purges for hundreds of pounds of paper or convenient Shred Vault® drop-off service at one of our kiosks are all great solutions for secure document destruction.
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Hard Drive and Electronic Destruction is also available.