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Distribution Partner Marketing Solutions

The entire Shred Vault ecosystem offers you many marketing opportunities that will help you drive sales, establish your brand in new markets, and provide a unique and engaging experience for your customers. Additionally, our Shred Vault Kiosk allows for targeted advertising and promotions, allowing you to reach your desired audience with personalized messaging. With the ability to collect customer data, Shred Vault also provides valuable insights to help you tailor your marketing strategies and improve customer engagement. Contact us today and learn more about Shred Vault marketing solutions.
Shred Vault
Shred vault kiosk with custom ad content
Ad video content that engages your customers.
Shred vault app being used
Push notifications and in app Advertisement.
Shred Vault bag with spots for personalization
Box and Shred Vault Bag personalization. Your brand In front of your customers 24/7. Add an insert that speaks to your customers.
Person working on a laptop
Email Marketing.
"1000s of impressions from a single KIOSK."


Hard Drive and Electronic Destruction is also available.