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Confidentiality and privacy are fundamental to running a business or household. Our information, now more than ever, needs to be protected. Shred Vault has mastered the process of efficient and secure shredding via a network of NAID certified providers utilizing our Shred Vault® System.

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A Shred Vault® Bag is an individual vinyl, self-sealing bag designed to hold up to 10 pounds of paper.  It is a personalized solution for getting rid of all your sensitive documents securely.

The Shred Vault® Bag makes it simple to increase compliance and make shredding easier. Simply follow the three-step process:

  • Order your shred bags online or from our convenient app and have them shipped directly to your home
  • Fill the bag with up to 10 pounds of paper and seal
  • Visit our website or our app to find a kiosk near you

Locate one of our many convenient drop-off locations here or through
our mobile app to find one of our high-security Shred Vault’s® to deposit your filled Shred Vault® Bag. There’s no longer a need for a shredding bin; you can ditch the stress of regularly scheduled shredding services and work on your own clock.

Our high-security Shred Vault makes it easy to deposit your Shred Vault Bag with confidence.

  • Scan the bar code on the Shred Vault Bag to unlock the secure deposit compartment
  • Once the deposit process has been completed you will receive a confirmation of receipt

Your confidential documents remained secured and sealed through the entire shredding process so you can rest assured, your sensitive information has been destroyed and disposed of properly. By choosing Shred Vault® Bags you are selecting a paper shredding service that is:

  • All documents shredded exclusively by NAID AAA Certified vendors
  • Compliant with HIPAA, FISMA, FACTA, and GLBA
  • And all paper is recycled into tissue and toweling products

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