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Residential Document Shredding

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The Shred Vault Kiosk: A Secure and Sustainable Residential Shredding Solution

In the rapidly evolving digital age, we live in, ensuring the security of your confidential information has taken on a greater significance than ever before. Shred Vault offers a secure, sustainable, and cost effective solution for residential shredding needs. With a nationwide network of Shred Vault Drop-off Kiosks, you can conveniently dispose of unwanted documents while running your regular errands, negating the need for an
in-home shredding service.

Consumer taking their Shred Vault bag to a kiosk

Benefits for Busy Homeowners

The rising threat of identity theft has made protecting any document containing your personal
information crucial. Sensitive documents like old tax records, receipts, prescriptions, and
others must be properly disposed of to ensure the safety of your sensitive data. The Shred
Vault Kiosk System is ideal for busy homeowners who value their time and privacy. With our
easy-to-use kiosks, you no longer need to set aside time for shredding documents at home
or wait for a shredding service to arrive. Simply drop off your sealed Shred Vault Bag at any
of our nationwide kiosk locations whenever it’s most convenient for you.

The Shred Vault Kiosk Advantage


Our nationwide drop-off locations make it easy to dispose of your documents while running your regular errands securely.


Shred Vault Bags are never reopened once sealed, ensuring the confidentiality of your documents. Our patent-pending technology
ensures a full chain of custody, and bags are only handled by certified personnel and document destruction companies


100% of the paper deposited is securely shredded and recycled, including the Shred Vault Bag, protecting your personal
information and the environment.

Convenience & Security at Your Fingertips

Our Shred Vault Drop-off Kiosks eliminates the need for messy and expensive in-home or office shredding equipment. Specially designed Shred Vault Bags provide an easy and secure way to collect and deposit your documents. Simply fill each bag with up to 10 lbs of paper, seal the security flap firmly, and deposit it at any Shred Vault kiosk near you. There’s no need to remove staples, paperclips, or other light paper fasteners – just fill, seal, and deposit. It’s that easy.

Secure. Sustainable. Shredding.

Eco-Friendly Shredding for a Greener Future

As more people become environmentally conscious, the demand for eco-friendly solutions grows. The Shred Vault Kiosk System offers a secure and convenient way to dispose of sensitive documents and ensures that 100% of the paper is recycled. You are actively contributing to a greener, more sustainable future by choosing Shred Vault for your residential shredding needs.


Certificate of Destruction: Proof of Secure Shredding

Upon utilizing the Shred Vault Kiosk System, a Certificate of Destruction will be provided to you within 30 days after depositing your Shred
Vault Bag. To receive this certificate, ensure that you have a Shred Vault account and that the Shred Vault Bag is registered to that account.
This official document confirms that your sensitive documents have been securely shredded, giving you additional peace of mind in
safeguarding your personal information.

Take Action Today: Protect Your Personal Information

Don’t wait to secure your family’s confidential information and contribute to a more sustainable future. Experience the convenience, security, and eco-friendly benefits of the Shred Vault Kiosk System for residential shredding needs. Locate your nearest Shred Vault Drop-off Kiosk and start protecting your personal information now. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re safeguarding your identity and helping the environment. Contact us today and join the growing community of Shred Vault users who have made the smart choice for their residential shredding requirements.


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Hard Drive and Electronic Destruction is also available.