Shred Vault® is a secure, convenient method for consumers and businesses to have their confidential paper documents shredded. Shred Vault uses a network of automated Shred Vault® kiosks to receive and secure your Shred Vault® Bag containing your confidential paper documents. Shred Vault® Bags are picked up and destroyed by nationally certified document destruction companies.

The Shred Vault® kiosk is a highly secure unit that is used to deposit your Shred Vault® Bags. The patent pending unit has barcode scanning for bag verification and has a monitored and automated secure deposit chamber. The Shred Vault kiosk is certifiably compliant with federal disposal laws.

After placing your papers to be shredded into the Shred Vault® Bag, you will take it to a Shred Vault location that is convenient for you. Using the scanner on the Shred Vault kiosk, you will scan your Shred Vault® Bag and place it into the secure deposit chamber. The Shred Vault® Bags will be picked up by shredding experts and destroyed on a mobile shredding truck or taken to a secure shredding facility where they are destroyed.

A Shred Vault® Bag is a specially designed bag made exclusively for the Shred Vault® System. It is designed to hold up to 10 pounds of paper and fits in the Shred Vault kiosk. Once it is sealed it is never reopened and will be shredded along with its contents. Each Shred Vault Bag is barcoded so it can be easily tracked throughout the shredding process. It is eco-friendly and recyclable.

A Shred Vault® Bag holds approximately 10 pounds of paper.

You can place approximately 10 pounds of paper in a Shred Vault® Bag. Staples, paperclips and other light paper fasteners do not need to be removed.

No, staples, paperclips and other light paper fasteners do not need to be removed.

No you cannot. For more information on how to dispose of those items, please call our Customer Service number 866-976-7818.

You will receive a text message after you make your deposit.

Creating a Shred Vault® account lets you track your deposited bag(s), find Shred Vault locations, read informative and relevant blogs, and order Shred Vault@ Bags in one convenient spot.

You can download the app here for Apple users, and here for Android users.

No, the sealed Shred Vault® Bag and its contents get shredded at the same time.

Our user-friendly app allows you to set up a Shred Vault® account, register your Shred Vault® Bags and track the Shred Vault® Bags when they are deposited. In addition, you’ll find Shred Vault® locations and have access to relevant, reliable information security topics. For your convenience, you can also order your Shred Vault® Bags directly from the app if you prefer to have them shipped directly to you.

If you have a Shred Vault® account, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction within 30 days after the Shred Vault® Bag is deposited.

Yes, you can. The user friendly app allows you to track all of your Shred Vault® Bags under the “My Bags” tab. There you can see your deposit receipts and Certificates of Destruction.

If you have registered for a Shred Vault account, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued to your account within 30 days of deposit of the Shred Vault® Bag.

Yes, a Certificate of Destruction will be available within 30 days after the Shred Vault® Bag has been deposited.

You can set up a Shred Vault® account via the Shred Vault® Mobile App or online at shredvault.com.

No, they do not. Only technicians servicing the Shred Vault® have access to the Shred Vault® kiosk where the Shred Vault® Bags are stored.

Once a Shred Vault® Bag is deposited into a Shred Vault® it cannot be retrieved.

For purchases made at a select retail location, the cost to purchase one bag is $9.99 and $19.99 for a package of three.

No, only one Shred Vault® Bag can be scanned and deposited in a Shred Vault® at a time. Loose paper cannot be placed in the Shred Vault®.

No, all paper deposited must be contained inside of a sealed Shred Vault® Bag.

  • Ensure you are scanning the barcode on the front of the bag and not the QR code.
  • Check that nothing is covering your barcode.
  • Check to make sure the barcode is not damaged.
  • Try scanning your barcode several times.
  • If the problem continues contact Customer Service at 866-976-7818. This number is located on the front of the Shred Vault® kiosk.

The Shred Vault® Bag is shredded along with the paper.

You can track the status of your Shred Vault® Bag(s) with our user-friendly app (compatible with Android and Apple devices).

Shred Vault® Bags can be purchased online from the Shred Vault website, via the Shred Vault® App or from a specified retail location.

You cannot witness a Shred Vault® Bag’s destruction, but if you have material that must be witnessed, contact Customer Service at 1-866-976-7818. All materials are destroyed and recycled.

  • Receipts
  • Credit card statements
  • School work
  • Bank statements
  • Bills
  • Pay stubs
  • Tax documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Work related documents

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Phone: (866) 976-7818

Take the risk and hassle out of document destruction and order your Shred Vault® Bags today.

For customer service issues, email us at support@shredvault.com or call 866.976.7818.

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