Shredding Events & Promotional Offers

Find Paper Shredding Events in Your Community

Protect your personal identifiable information and destroy your confidential documents

Shred Events allow community members to safely and conveniently dispose of their sensitive documents and keep their confidential information safe. At shred events, a shred truck is stationed at the location so the community can bring in their documents for free, for a small fee, or for a donation. It is a great way to help the community as well as provide back to your customers or employees. To find a free shredding event near you, look online and search for a Shred Day or a Shred Event or through local news listings in the paper.

Looking to provide shredding events more than one day a year?

Why provide just one free shredding event when you can provide the same benefit to your customers or employees 365 days a year. Introducing Shred Day 365, a revolutionary new concept that allows you to provide the same level of commitment throughout the year rather than limiting it to one day. The best part is that it is completely turn-key and allows your business or entity to do what you do best. Some of the benefits include:
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Provide your customers year-round certified shredding

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Advertising & customer messaging via co-branded Shred Vault Bags

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Make shredding convenient via Shred Vault’s multi-location and hours

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Sponsorship/Advertising via your own community Shred Vault kiosk

Exclusive coupons by location

Receive one half-priced drink from the bar. Offer good only on the day of deposit.

10% off of 1 repair or 20% off of 1 accessory.

10% off of 1 repair or 20% off of 1 accessory.

Shred Vault Offer

Each location that has a Shred Vault® kiosk offers exclusive coupons for Shred Vault® customers who deposit at their location.