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Supporting Small Businesses Boosts Your Local Economy 

Supporting Small Businesses Boosts Your Local Economy

If you buy a coffee at the cafe in your town, shop at a small boutique, drink at the local brewery or eat at your neighborhood restaurant, you are contributing to the betterment of your local economy. The term local economy refers to a market and networking system that is part of a specific community. For every dollar you spend at a small business, 67 cents stays in the community. In fact, 44 cents of that dollar goes to the small business owner (SBO) and the wages of their employees. These small businesses then do their part by creating jobs and paying taxes. Taxes that ultimately contribute towards building roads, improving schools and creating green spaces right in your community. By patronizing local businesses you boost the local economy and contribute towards the quality of life for others living in it.

Shred Vault’s Impact on the Local Economy

The Shred Vault concept enhances the lives of business owners and individuals alike. The Company protects the community from identity theft, helps reduce the carbon footprint, and provides a stepping stone to benefit other small businesses. Each Shred Vault drop off kiosk is located in a local small business in an effort to fuel the local economy. In return, businesses that host a Vault offer users of the system a unique discount to be redeemed within their store at the time of deposit. When a customer deposits their bag at any conveniently located Shred Vault they are not only protecting themselves from identity theft, but given the opportunity to shop local by making an incentivized purchase. Shred Vault is currently available at 7 Omaha area locations with additional locations being added regularly. If you’re located outside of Omaha and would like to discuss becoming a part of the Shred Vault family, shoot us an email. We’re excited to assist with information security as well as the advancement of the local economy in your community too.

Giving the Gift of Protection

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no more. As we continue to adjust to COVID-19 regulations, we must remember that sensitive information still needs protection. Over the years individuals in the community have benefited from free sponsored shred events, but due to COVID-19 the quantity and frequency of these events has been reduced. In response to this need Shred Vault offers a convenient and secure alternative for confidential information protection and data destruction services. Businesses can consider providing a virtual free shred event for their clients and employees by using the revolutionary Shred Vault System. Banks, CPAs, Financial Planners and countless other businesses have purchased Shred Vault Bags for their loyal employees and customers as a way to say thank you. Show your clientele how important they are by providing them with a gift they’ll actually use. Contact us today to learn more about this turn key program.

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