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Even though many places now keep their information digitally, there are still a lot of businesses that rely on paper documents. Companies use documents to have the physical proof of their records and are easily accessible for anyone at the office that needs them or if you need to show clients information.


After a while, documents become outdated and are no longer needed, so what do you do with them? Throw them away in the trash? The best solution is to shred your documents using a shredding company that is an expert in their field. These companies will come to your location and pick up your documents to take them to their off-site shredding facility to be destroyed. When you have very confidential information, you might not want to send your documents away without knowing where they are at all times. Using a Shred Vault System, you get all the benefits of paper shredding and more with our tracking method.


Let’s take a closer look at how Shred Vault Systems work and all the benefits you receive when using them.

Shred Vault Systems

Shred Vault Systems is the perfect option if you are a company, remote worker or a homeowner who needs a quick and convenient way to shred their documents. The shredding process for these systems is easy. The first step is to buy our Shred Vault Bags, you can order them online or through our app, and they will be delivered right to your door. Next, fill the bag with up to 10 pounds of paper and find the closest location to you. Lastly, deposit your Shred Vault Bag directly into the Shred Vault System. The shredding experts will then be picked up to be brought to the secure shredding facility, where it will be destroyed.

Security & Tracking

When you use a Shred Vault System, you protect your business and clients from their information being used for fraudulent purposes. The shredding process is also NAID AAA Certified, and our team is FISMA, HIPAA, and GLBA compliant, which means that it is a secure way of destroying your documents. It’s also an excellent way for your remote employees to stay up to date with their shredding, as you can send them the shredding bags they need, and they can go to the closest location to them.


The best thing about using Shred Vault Systems is the instant tracking feature where you can track your bags from the app. From when you deposit it into the Shred Vault to the trip to the shredding facility until they are completely destroyed. So you can rest assured your documents are safe.

Convenient & Flexible

Using a Shred Vault System is an easy way to shred documents securely since you can do it at your convenience. Instead of having to drive to a shredding facility that might be out of the way, order our bags directly to your door and then bring them to the nearest location whenever it works best for you. For your remote workers, you can buy the bags with a subscription so they will be conveniently delivered to your employees as frequently as they need.



Take advantage of these features today and start shredding. Get in touch with Shred Vault for more information, or find the nearest Shred Vault location.

Hard Drive and Electronic Destruction is also available.