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Why Destroying Unneeded Records and Electronics Should be a Structured Event

The accumulation of unnecessary records and electronics seems inevitable.

Memos and reports long past their useful purpose are piled on shelves. Printed duplicates of electronic correspondence fill binders. File boxes dating back years hide in dusty corners. And that small room that once housed the on-site server is now full of old computers that no one has the heart to get rid of.

Of course, there are many reasons these things happen. Employees are busy with their primary duties. No one knows what to do with the old electronics. Some employees believe it is safer to keep stuff around “just in case.” Others keep printed copies of virtually everything in order to protect themselves.

Despite these reasons, the fact is that unnecessary records and electronics are a very bad habit with a growing number of harmful side effects, including the undermining of records retention policies, the risk to data security and intellectual property rights, and the violation of purpose limitation requirements imposed by new data protection and privacy laws.

This is to say nothing about the fact that the unnecessary accumulations of records and old electronics also take up valuable space, create a cluttered work environment, and are far more likely to lead to their random, environmentally unfriendly, and unsecure disposal at some point down the line.


Due to the growing risks associated with large and random stores of unneeded records and electronics, information security professionals widely recommend that organizations conduct a well-communicated, structured event at least once a year where each employee is given the opportunity to get rid of whatever unneeded records and electronic equipment they have stashed away.

Keep in mind, this is more than just putting out extra bins. Starting weeks before, employees are informed about the upcoming event, including the reasons why their cooperation is critical, what records and equipment qualify as unnecessary (and risky), and where to go if they need help or have questions. Some organizations go so far as to hold meetings in advance of the event to discuss it in detail, encourage their employees to wear work clothes on the day of the event, and follow up afterward by providing employees with information on the amounts of materials that were securely destroyed and properly recycled.

As for the organization itself, it gets more than cleaner shelves. Simply holding the event proves to employees how important the organization takes information management. And should the organization’s information security or retention practices be called into question by the courts or by regulators, having formally staged such an event would clearly show the firm’s dedication to data security and retention compliance.


Shred Vault has decades of experience helping clients fulfill their information disposal needs. Whether it’s the weekly collection of confidential materials discarded on a daily basis, cleaning out years’ worth of unneeded archives, or conducting a formal, “Spring Cleaning,” we have the acumen, experience, and options to make it as convenient, compliant, and successful as possible.

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