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Hollywood Knows What’s in Your Trash. Do You?

Whether it’s Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars routinely searching trash cans and dumpsters for clues, Rooney Mara as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo rummaging for information about her targets, or Jack Nicholson and his henchmen in The Departed using trashed documents to manipulate and undermine police efforts, Hollywood knows discarded documents are a vulnerability […]

The Dangers of Accumulating Old Records and Electronics

The accumulation of old records and electronics is a common challenge for most organizations. While owners and managers realize that secure destruction is required at some point, they often put it off to deal with more immediate priorities. Below are reasons the secure disposal of old records and electronics deserves immediate attention. 1. Keeping old […]

The Risks of Mail in the Wrong Hands

Unfortunately, there are many ways by which everyday mail poses a serious risk of identity theft and other crimes. The good news is that there are a number of practices that can minimize that threat. Mail Risks prior to Recipient’s Control  Even though the US Postal Service received 40,000 reports of mail theft last year, […]

Home & Office Shredders: A False Sense of Security

Aware of the unacceptable risks of casually discarding sensitive information, many cautious and cost-conscious individuals believe having a shredder is the solution. Ironically, whether for office or home use, relying on a personal shredder is among the most expensive and least secure options. Of course, what is not at question is why sensitive information has […]

The Risk of Over-the-Counter Data Destruction

All across the United States, responsible, security-conscious people hand their confidential paper and electronics over to a packaging center or office supply store with the promise of secure destruction. Maybe the sensitive paper or electronics were handed over to a clerk at the counter. Other times those materials are placed in a not-so-secure container somewhere […]

Seven Worst Cases of Identity Theft Ever!

If it’s never happened to you, identity theft can seem to be an idle threat. The reality is that identity theft is a real problem: every year, 7.0% of households in the United States had at least one member experience identity theft. At about 8.6 million households, 7.0% is no small threat, so it’s important […]

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