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Centris  +  Shred Vault

Shred Vault is proud to announce our newest  initiative with Centris Federal Credit Union. We take great pride in collaborating with an industry leading, well-established credit union like Centris. In addition, we look forward to increasing the value proposition for current and prospective Centris members by providing innovative solutions for destroying sensitive documents. Our core values and mission statements to protect and care for our customers are in perfect alignment.

Since its opening day in 1934, Centris has experienced continual growth while at the same time preserving their fundamental promise; be a lifelong financial partner to help meet the needs of their members. The organization is deeply rooted in community involvement and investment. Not only does Centris organize numerous community volunteer events, but they are also generous donors to various nonprofits. The entire Centris Team is dedicated to positively impacting the communities in which they are located. This mindset has set them apart from their competition.

In a similar manner, Shred Vault protects the community from identity theft, provides a right size shredding solution for individuals and businesses alike and reduces the carbon footprint. These objectives are aimed at improving quality of life by increasing security and protecting the planet.

Our convenient 3-step system was built to enhance the lives of individuals and businesses alike. To learn more click here. Each Shred Vault drop off kiosk is located in a local business in an effort to fuel the local economy. In return, businesses that host a Vault offer users of the system a unique discount to be redeemed within their store at the time of deposit. When a customer deposits their bag at any conveniently located Shred Vault they are not only protecting themselves from identity theft, but given the opportunity to shop local by making an incentivized purchase. Shred Vault is currently available at 7 Omaha area locations with additional locations being added regularly.

Centris members can expect to learn more about exclusive Shred Vault deals in the coming days. Don’t want to wait? Click here to sign up for additional information today.

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