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Eliminating The Ability To Print From Home

Eliminating The Ability To Print From Home. Solved The Problem Or Made It Worse?

In the last couple of years, companies have been experiencing a growing number of employees working from home. Working from home means that the business’s confidential information is no longer safe inside their office. They are now in the homes of all their remote workers. So how do you keep your information secure? 

Many offices are now restricting their employees from printing their documents at home to protect their information, but does it work? When you eliminate paper, your workers have to store that information on their computers. Most of the time, it’s their home computer, which means that anyone who has access to that computer has access to your business’s information. 

So what is the best way to deal with confidential information and remote workers? The best way would be going back to printing but putting a security plan in place. This can be accomplished easily with the help of your local paper shredding companies, which are experts in protecting confidential data for businesses. Let’s discuss all the essential things to consider when creating a security plan and how paper shredding companies come into play.

Things to Consider

Create a Security Plan

Security is so vital for confidential information; that’s why having a security plan in place for your remote workers will help them easily protect your information. The first step is to ensure that your workers have a secure place to store your documents. By doing this, they won’t be left out on the desk and become not secure. If they need to share information online with another co-worker, make sure to have a plan of how to share info securely. If the information is highly confidential, then it is best to limit access to such information. Only allowing certain employees access or even restricting access to only at the office. 

Use Paper Shredding Services

The last thing to keep in mind is when your remote workers no longer need their documents, they need to be shredding them as it is the most secure way of destroying confidential documents. What’s even better is that there are shredding companies that will take care of everything for them. Most shredding companies will go to their place of residence to pick up the documents and lock them away until they are taken to a secure facility to be shredded. These shredding services can be done on a regularly scheduled basis or a one-time purge.

Shred Vault’s Systems – Easy Shredding Locations

Since we have drop-off depository locations across Omaha, shredding with Shred Vault is easy and convenient for remote employees. Buying Shred Vault bags for your employees is as simple as ordering them by subscription, making it easy for remote workers to receive expert shredding services. They can then deposit their bag of documents in one of the locations closest to them. 

Your confidential information will stay secure as long as you have your security plan in place and your local paper shredding company by your side.

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