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Shred Vault- A Revolutionary Shredding System

Revolutionary Shredding Just When We Need It

Work from home? Own a small business? Or simply have sensitive documents ready to shred? If you’re tired of hand feeding a few sheets at a time through your office shredder, aren’t sure how secure handing paperwork over the counter in an office supply store is and know better than to toss your personal paperwork in the recycle bin then you’re in luck. Keep reading.

The biggest problem with confidential document destruction is you may not be sure where to turn. Do you have a lot or a little? Do you need a one-time solution or something that’s repeatable? How secure is the process and where does the paper go? And lastly, what’s it going to cost? Safely and properly destroying your confidential documents may not be rocket science, but it sure can be confusing. Not anymore. Introducing Shred Vault–a simple, yet groundbreaking idea that revolutionizes affordable and secure paper shredding.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy Shred Vault Bags online or through our user friendly app.
  2. Once you receive the bags in the mail fill them with up to 10 lbs. of paper ready for destruction. No need to remove staples or paper clips.
  3. Deposit your Shred Vault Bags at any of the conveniently located Shred Vaults found on the app.

After you deposit your registered Shred Vault Bag, sit back and relax. The process is simple, efficient and most importantly secure. You can even track the journey of your bags with several notifications including a receipts of deposit as well as a Certificate of Destruction once the bags have been destroyed. And remember, with Shred Vault, all paper is properly recycled into paper products and never winds up in a landfill.

The Shred Vault System is the go to solution for all your sensitive paperwork. Shred a little or shred a lot and always when it’s convenient for you. What’s more, order online and you’ll never pay shipping. Can’t wait to shred? Visit any iFix Omaha location or Clean Juice in the Old Market to purchase bags in the flesh.

Certified and Protected

Shred Vault saves you the headache of identity theft and reduces your carbon footprint in one fell swoop. Once the bag is full, fold and seal the flap to secure the contents. Once sealed, the bag is never reopened. Once deposited, the chain of custody is never broken. All shredding is completed by a NAID AAA certified document destruction company that follows the industry’s highest standards. Click here to learn more about NAID.

If the idea of a locked and surveilled vault doesn’t seem like enough security add $1 million of insurance to the deal. With Shred Vault you’ll always shred with confidence.

Tracking, Security & More

The reassurance of an instant tracking feature at your fingertips has changed the shredding game forever. When you deposit your Shred Vault Bag, you can follow the journey of your bag from deposit through final destruction. In addition to top tier security and trackability, you’ll receive exclusive offers at the retail location of your deposit.

With all of the features and convenience this system offers it is no wonder many individuals and businesses are hooked. For more information on how the System works and how it can benefit you or your business, contact us today.

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Hard Drive and Electronic Destruction is also available.