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What Are The Components Of A Good Shredding Provider

Document shredding has become an extremely popular service for companies of all sizes to ensure that their information is secure so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and be used for fraud. By utilizing these companies that perform these services, you no longer have to worry about if the shredding got done or if it got done correctly, as they are experts in information protection.


With so many businesses and homeowners using this service, there are many different companies that offer document shredding. So how do you know which shredding company is the best? First, let’s go through the benefits of using a shredding company and all the components you need to look for a good shredding provider.

Benefits Of Shredding Companies

Shredding companies have been around for a long time as it’s always been essential to destroy old documents that contain confidential information when you no longer need them. By doing this, you are protecting that information and your business and your clients.


There are also other benefits you receive besides the safety of your information. A significant advantage of using a shredding company is that you can save time since when you shred your documents, you’re using a personal shredder which can take hours or even days to destroy all of them, but with a commercial shredder, it will be finished in minutes. This way, your employees can focus on essential tasks, and you can let the professionals get the job done quickly and securely.


The last benefit is that these services are environmentally friendly. Once your documents have been destroyed, the shredded bits of paper are taken back to a secure recycling facility to be made into other paper products, protecting our environment and keeping it out of the landfills.

What To Look For In A Shredding Provider

Flexible & Convenient Services

Every business has different shredding needs, so it is important to choose a provider who offers various types of shredding services that are flexible. For example, if you have a large number of documents each month that need to be shredded, you need to make sure the provider can handle that task.


Many companies offer more convenient services for smaller businesses that might not have a ton of paper that needs to be destroyed. If you have maybe a box or two, having a drop-off shredding location is ideal.


Shred Vault Systems offers the ultimate convenience by having locations spread out around Omaha. Using our Shred Vault bags, which can be purchased online or through our app, you can drop off your documents at our secure depository kiosks.

On-Site Or Trackable

When you are looking for a document shredding company, and want some extra protection for your confidential documents, then look into companies that provide either On-Site services or can track your documents. Let’s dive deeper into both options.


On-site is a shredding service is done at your location, meaning that your documents don’t leave your place of business or home without being destroyed. It also allows you to witness the destruction yourself, adding an extra layer of protection.


Tracking is something that not many companies provide, but our Shred Vault Systems offers a tracking service that allows you to track your Shred Vault bag at every level, so you can know where your documents are until they are shredded.

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