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Untethered Risk: Don’t Leave Remote Employees Dangling

Of all the lasting effects of the pandemic, few were as dramatic or have had the staying power of remote working. Some actually moved from the city to the suburbs to get a bigger house with a home office. Many invested in (or were given) new computers and new scanners and printers. We all got […]

Home & Office Shredders: A False Sense of Security

Aware of the unacceptable risks of casually discarding sensitive information, many cautious and cost-conscious individuals believe having a shredder is the solution. Ironically, whether for office or home use, relying on a personal shredder is among the most expensive and least secure options. Of course, what is not at question is why sensitive information has […]

Why Shred Vault Retains a Best-in-Class Data Protection Officer

All privacy and data protection regulations, one way or another, necessitate that data protection service providers designate a qualified professional to be responsible for compliance. So does NAID AAA Certification and the PCI Data Security Standards. Most commonly, that person is known as a Data Protection Officer (DPO). To meet this requirement, most U.S. organizations […]

The Risk of Over-the-Counter Data Destruction

All across the United States, responsible, security-conscious people hand their confidential paper and electronics over to a packaging center or office supply store with the promise of secure destruction. Maybe the sensitive paper or electronics were handed over to a clerk at the counter. Other times those materials are placed in a not-so-secure container somewhere […]

The Secure Destruction Audit Trail Imperative

While all business owners and managers know that personal information must be securely destroyed, many fail to appreciate the need to demonstrate that their information destruction process is consistent and systematic. Why Office Shredders Don’t Cut It In order to meet the legal requirement to protect employees’ and customers’ personal information, many organizations buy a […]

Where Can I Shred Paper for Free?

If you are like most people you understand the importance of destroying sensitive paper documents before you dispose of them. Even so, according to the Federal Trade Commission, roughly 9 million Americans have their identity stolen every year. This statistic means it is likely you or someone you know has been a victim. You may be wondering, is document shredding ever free? The quick answer is sometimes.  The […]

To shred or not to shred? A guide to secure document destruction

Despite the wealth of data our computers store, an enormous volume of paper is still produced by consumers and businesses. This paper ends up in desk drawers, filing cabinets, and storage boxes, creating a disorganized workspace. We often want to get rid of excess paper documents but feel compelled to ask the question “What if […]

Remote Employees: A New Paradigm for Businesses to Manage

Remote Employees: A New Paradigm for Businesses to Manage

Remote work has been around for some time but recently has exploded into popularity. What are these remote workers doing, and how can you manage them effectively? Using the technology we have today and creating a work policy for remote employees will help them work efficiently and happily instead of being stressed about the tasks […]

Seven Worst Cases of Identity Theft Ever!

If it’s never happened to you, identity theft can seem to be an idle threat. The reality is that identity theft is a real problem: every year, 7.0% of households in the United States had at least one member experience identity theft. At about 8.6 million households, 7.0% is no small threat, so it’s important […]

Eliminating The Ability To Print From Home

Isolated shot of stacked document folders on white background

Eliminating The Ability To Print From Home. Solved The Problem Or Made It Worse? In the last couple of years, companies have been experiencing a growing number of employees working from home. Working from home means that the business’s confidential information is no longer safe inside their office. They are now in the homes of […]

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