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Why Shred Vault Likes Well-Informed Customers. And Why They Like Us!

Protecting discarded sensitive media is Shred Vault’s sole focus and mission. It’s our superpower. And because it’s our superpower, our clients are free to focus on their superpowers without worrying. Unfortunately, however, organizations that don’t know what to look for in a secure destruction service become susceptible to vendors who are more than happy to […]

To Make Regulators Happy, Be Reasonable

What do HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, GLBA, FERPA, ECPA, COPPA, VPPA, CCPA, CPRA, BIPA, CDPA, CPA, CPDPOM, MOCA, MDPL, and NYPA all have in common? They’re all acronyms for regulations requiring organizations to protect personal information. Some of them are national regulations aimed at specific types of personal information, such as personal medical or financial data. […]

The Insider Threat and Why Shred Vault Offers a Better Option

Because it had been severely harmed by casually discarded documents, a certain major automobile manufacturer became very vigilant about shredding everything in-house. And, due to its size, this was a major operation. Approximately two tons of documents were shredded every weekday in the basement of the 2 million square foot building. It took fifteen employees […]

You Shred Your Sensitive Trade Information, But Do Your Vendors?

Several years ago, a major manufacturer that was spending thousands of dollars per year to securely destroy competitive trade information discovered that many of its local tooling companies and equipment suppliers were putting that same information in the trash. It went on for years by the time the problem came to light. And when it […]

Hollywood Knows What’s in Your Trash. Do You?

Whether it’s Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars routinely searching trash cans and dumpsters for clues, Rooney Mara as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo rummaging for information about her targets, or Jack Nicholson and his henchmen in The Departed using trashed documents to manipulate and undermine police efforts, Hollywood knows discarded documents are a vulnerability […]

Why Secure Shredding Is Critical to Defending Intellectual Property Rights

The year 1996 was a big year for information protection in the United States. Not only was it the year the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) made history as the first US regulation to impose penalties for not protecting personal health information, but it was also the year the Economic Espionage Act (EEA) […]

The Dangers of Accumulating Old Records and Electronics

The accumulation of old records and electronics is a common challenge for most organizations. While owners and managers realize that secure destruction is required at some point, they often put it off to deal with more immediate priorities. Below are reasons the secure disposal of old records and electronics deserves immediate attention. 1. Keeping old […]

Consistency is King When it Comes to Secure Data Disposal

Inconsistencies in secure information destruction policies and procedures have led to virtually every embarrassing data disposal incident. The shame of that fact—and the good news, too—is that, once identified, they are relatively easy to fix. Inconsistency #1: Allowing Employee Discretion No organization in its right mind would contemplate allowing front-line employees to write their own […]

Untethered Risk: Don’t Leave Remote Employees Dangling

Of all the lasting effects of the pandemic, few were as dramatic or have had the staying power of remote working. Some actually moved from the city to the suburbs to get a bigger house with a home office. Many invested in (or were given) new computers and new scanners and printers. We all got […]

Home & Office Shredders: A False Sense of Security

Aware of the unacceptable risks of casually discarding sensitive information, many cautious and cost-conscious individuals believe having a shredder is the solution. Ironically, whether for office or home use, relying on a personal shredder is among the most expensive and least secure options. Of course, what is not at question is why sensitive information has […]

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